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Welcome the Greenbelt Girl to the Blogosphere

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pp1There’s a new Greenbelt blogger on the Interwebs, and it’s Heather Brooks, the GreenbeltGirl!  I asked Heather to tell us why the blog, why now, more info please!  She obliged:

Blogging to Connect with Greenbelt I started Greenbelt Girl out of a desire to integrate myself with the Greenbelt community.  I first dated my fiance, William Hardy, when he lived here in 2002 and we spent two happy years strolling around Greenbelt and falling in love.  I enjoyed it then, but I didn’t ever really get involved. My address wasn’t here, it was in Charles County.   I’ve had a lot of major life transitions in the past four years and have not been able to focus on community as much as I would like. Now that I’m dug in pretty good here in Greenbelt, I find myself in a place where I’m wanting to connect with people again and become involved like I was in Charles County.

My daughter Jade is in college but spends breaks with us.  We like to say that it’s crowded, but if it were a New York apartment, it’d be considered spacious.


Coming Soon on Greenbelt Girl

In the past I have had a variety of websites and blogs about a many different topics from female empowerment and art to politics. Greenbelt Girl, however, is going to focus on a personal perspective of my time here and I hope to keep most of it positive and upbeat without the downward spirals and vitriol I’ve experienced from political blogs.  I’m unlikely, however, to be able to keep my politics totally off of the site.  I am one of those people who likes to start dialogue about things.  Especially things people hesitate to talk about.


Future posts will include some Throwback Thursday re-posts of my time here from 2002-2004. I still have all of those blogs, even though they’ve been offline for a while.  Most of it is mushy and romantic, but also artsy and inspiring, I think.


I’m also a craft designer and artist, so I want to include projects I may be doing to make my personal space comfortable and happy and efficient.  And a lot of people in Greenbelt are dealing with small spaces, so organizational discoveries can be really helpful. As a photographer, I want to include a lot of beauty of Greenbelt in photographic form, also.  I first began photography in 2002 shortly after I met Will, so I have many photos that we both have taken of the area since then.  I take photos of everything.  I consider myself a sensualist, so anything wonderful gets shared. What it boils down to is that I like to share and I like to be helpful.  Since I love Greenbelt so much, it’s natural that I want to share my journey here with others who might like to join in,  or just validate  people who already are in love with Greenbelt, too.

pp4Possible Rants and Nudity
Also, because I’m very sensitive, I can tend towards some rage when I perceive an injustice.  So, I get ranty sometimes about women’s rights or animals or whatever happened to strike a chord with me that day.  Other times all I can see is rainbows and sun-kissed hues.

Some people may not connect with my blog because it can be too much sharing.  I don’t always edit it well to make each entry perfect. I also tend to have very strong opinions about some things. They may not like my politics, or my romantic musings and even the occasional nude photo.  And that’s ok.  It’s not for them.  It’s for me and anybody else who is interested.

Editor’s note:  Here I’ll comment affirmatively about sharing and strong opinions – that avoiding them is for people seeking the largest possible readership, using the least offensive, most middle-of-the-road content.  I like what’s coming from Heather on Greenbelt Girl myself – looks interesting!  But of course I had to ask for more info about the occasional nude photo…

Regarding nudity – sometimes I take photos of Will in the buff.  I’m a photographer, so I get a mushy and inspired because he really is my muse.  I also have been trying to get a book together that I’ve titled “The Goddess Next Door,” which features the sensual side of the “every woman.”  So, there are sometimes naked ladies.  And sometimes, to make a point about self-acceptance or body love, or just being generally impish, I might be nude or near nude.

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  1. Leslie G
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    Heather will be an asset to the Greenbelt community. I have enjoyed her blogs and musing while she was in Charles County. She is thoughtful, insightful and sensitive. It’s a shame that we lost her.

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