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Scenes from a Labor Day Parade

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After posting the link to this story around the web, the story congratulating Eric Zhang on being named Greenbelt’s Outstanding Citizen, everyone seemed to agree he was a great choice.  One commenter said he thought it would KILL Eric to have to ride in the Labor Day Parade and not be able to photograph it, but others could have predicted that Eric would manage to do both, as indeed, he did.

But I wonder, where will his photos go, with his blog’s one-year duration being up?  Hey, maybe he’d like to keep blogging occasionally right here!  It can’t hurt to ask.



Of course the parade was a lovefest for all of Greenbelt, and whole Labor Day Festival was blessed with good weather and big j3crowds.   Crowds that politicians are smart to take advantage of, and they rarely disappoint.

So I’m going out on a limb and declaring that Maryland’s next governor was in our parade this morning – since all three strong Democratic contenders marched, and if a Republican has announced yet, I haven’t heard a word of it.  Not to mention, this is an awfully blue state.   So say hello to Governor Anthony Brown, Heather Mizeur or Doug Glansler – a very impressive bunch, imho, any of whom I’d be happy to see win.  Except that Heather once represented me on the Takoma Park City Council and then as State Delegate and did a great job in both cases, so she’ll get my vote.

I was also glad to see our Steny Hoyer marching through Greenbelt, as I’m told he’s done every year throughout his long career.  Nice to see a local boy make it to the number two post in the House among Democrats.  And can you believe he’s 74 years old?



Stilts were BIG this year, and the Circus Camp kids totally wow’d the crowd.





Finally, even a diehard feminist can’t help but enjoy the contestants in our retro Miss Greenbelt Pageant.

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  1. […] That was Friday of Labor Day weekend.  By Monday Eric was riding in Greenbelt’s popular Labor Day Parade in a position of honor, far ahead of congressional Minority Whip Steny Hoyer or our three democratic candidates for governor (this being a super-blue state, one of whom will surely win).  Photos of all that are here, in “Scenes from a Labor Day Parade.” […]

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    That’s great picture of Eric taking a picture of us! Thank you, Susan!

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