Not just a Walk in the Woods

| October 29, 2012 | 3 Comments

Michele Owens, my blogging partner in Upstate New York, recently showed off the wonderful woodland path where she walks with her “big handsome alpha dog” every day.   Her story is that it took having a dog that needed walking for her to discover a place she enjoys as much as her own voluptuous vegetable garden.

But as nice as Michele’s woodland path is, it doesn’t have that something extra that Greenbelt woods have, like our lake.   Not just a pretty scene; it’s a place in nature that encourages people to be active.  It’s very closeby.  It created jobs during the Depression.  Gotta love this lake, and I did immediately.

Photos taken October 27, 2012.

Notice the ducks between the branches?

And a few blocks away up Northway I stopped by the Pumpkin Walk, and found it wonderful.  There was food and the ghost-story-telling of Dove Love, and a walk down the pumpkin-strewn path through the woods.   It’s the woods at their most fun.

Dove Love, Greenbelt's astronomer/ghost-story teller.




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