Grocery-Shopping Resolutions

| December 31, 2012 | 3 Comments

As a new Co-op member last year I shopped there several times a week, almost always charging my purchases – until I read about what a huge difference it would make to them if we all switched to debit cards.  Seems that the cost to the merchant is so much less for debit cards, the Co-op could wipe out its entire operating deficit if its members simply made that one simple switch.

THAT got my attention.  So I switched to using my debit card and I like that it has the added advantage of offering me cash back every time, too.

Another change I plan to make soon is to walk to the Co-op more than I have been (which has frankly been never), which will become possible by buying one of these nifty little carts.  The anonymous cart-demonstrator shown here told me they’re available right there in the Co-op!  So now even if I need kitty litter, I can make it home with my groceries on foot.

So when it warms up I’ll be ready.  (What, you think I’m walking to the store in this weather?)




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  1. Pam J. says:

    Excellent resolutions! I wonder if using debit cards at any independently owned/operated store might be advantageous to the owner? My local beloved Indian restaurant always gives a 10% discount for cash. My suspicious mind thinks: I know why….restaurant owners, with their absence of a true inventory of goods, can pocket cash and not report it as income. Your resolutions inspire me to make up my own list for 2013. One of my typical unrealistic lists. Yours is very realistic and practical. I tend to list things like this: read each New Yorker before the new one arrives next week. Ha! As if. Or this: be kinder to everyone, especially my husband. Another resolution doomed to failure. I’m only 11 hours into the new year and have probably already blown that one. Happy New Year!

  2. Susan Harris says:

    Well, Pam, more has been revealed. Greenbelt smart guy Doug Love wrote to tell me I’m being charged 50 cents every time I use my Debit card. How could I not have known that? Must check into it! Though for the cash-back and to help the Co-op both, I might still use it.
    Doug suggested cash, and I totally agree but never seem to stock enough.

  3. Susan says:

    Just got home from Suntrust, where I asked if they charge me when I use their debit card and the answer is NO. So, some debit cards may charge but obviously not all. I’ll keep using mine.

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