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Finding Yogic Bliss in Greenbelt

NOT the yoga for me

Over the years I’ve tried a half dozen different yoga teachers and found none that were a good fit for me.  Living in Takoma Park, I naturally tried the local yoga establishment – Willow Street, with  almost 30 different instructors.  Here’s what I disliked about the classes I tried – partnering!  I wanted yoga to leave me calmer and more centered than when class started but at Willow  Street, the bulk of the class was spent doing poses with a classmate.  Chit-chatting took precedence over getting centered and class was about as calming as a Jazzercise class.  Okay I’m exaggerating but not by a lot.

I also tried an independent yoga teacher in the neighborhood whose approach was totally different – and wrong for me in another way.  It was plenty calming and spiritual, but the class involved a whole lotta worshiping of some guru.

So, I found two extremes, neither one right for me.  Then I moved here, tried three different teachers and discovered that ALL of them teach the approach I’d been looking for for so long.  Bliss!

Now I’m a happy student and practitioner and super-curious to learn more from the teachers I’ve met and admired, so I decided to interview as many as would tolerate my nosiness and then post their answers here.  First up is Laura Bonkosky, whose Lunch-Time Yoga classes I’ve been taking on Tuesdays and Thursdays through the Greenbelt Recreation Department.

Click here to read the Q&A with Laura, and let me know what other questions I should be asking, okay?

That’s better.

Other Teachers?

Other yoga teachers I know of and will be contacting for similar interviews include the other teachers for the Recreation Department, and several who teach the SAGE yoga classes for 60+ (through the PG Community College).  If you know of any others, let me know.

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    Hi Susan, I’d be happy to talk to you about yoga. I teach several yoga classes for adults and children through the Greenbelt Parks and Recreation and a donation yoga on Monday night at the Greenbelt Community Center. Be well, Gretchen

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