Winter Interest around Old Greenbelt

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Gardeners are always being recommended plants that provide “winter interest,” so we don’t get TOO depressed in the winter. Last month I went looking for winter interest around Old Greenbelt and snapped these examples of plants that provide color, texture … Read More

Big Events in Greenbelt Park

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Some Greenbelters don’t even know we have a National Park just across Greenbelt Road, with campsites, trails, and more. So for 2016, the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, this blog is featuring Greenbelt Park, starting with a Big … Read More

Help Green the GHI Landscape

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Common Area Gardens This post is for you GHIers out there – especially the ones who’d like to see more plants, more biodiversity, more sustenance and shelter for pollinators and birds, and of course more beauty around their neighborhood.  Another benefit … Read More

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