About Greenbelt

Greenbelt, Maryland is one of three planned communities built by the U.S government during FDR’s New Deal, thus the nickname “New Deal Utopia”.   It welcomed its first residents in 1937 and is now (in 2012) celebrating its 75th anniversary.  For an in-depth look at Greenbelt in its 75th year, visit the terrific blog about that – Greenbelt2012.

Here’s General Information about Greenbelt on the city’s website.  The city also tells the History of Greenbelt.   For Greenbelt’s history, another great source is the Greenbelt Museum. Wikipedia weighs in on Greenbelt. 

And to learn about Greenbelt today, peruse the Greenbelt Maryland Youtube Channel.

Press about Greenbelt

The article titled “New Deal Utopias” in the New York Times includes photos of Greenbelt and the other two FDR-planned communities (both of which were sold to private entities and aren’t as intact as Greenbelt).  The story announced a forthcoming book about all three of them.

The Washington Post’s Real Estate Section’s June 1, 2012 story about Greenbelt gives useful details about the cost of homes, and more.  It’s titled “Greenbelt, an experiment that worked”.

Community Center photo by Payton Chung.   Labor Day Parade photo credit.