About Greenbelt Live

Greenbelt Live is a community blog and website for Greenbelt, Maryland and environs.  Here you’ll find stories and features about the arts, culture, people, and causes that people in Greenbelt care about, written by the people of Greenbelt.  We welcome stories, photos and/or videos by Greenbelt residents of any age.  Or tell us if you’d like something added to the Greenbelt Online Directory.  Contact Greenbelt Live.

Who’s Who

- Editor/Contributor Susan Harris began blogging in 2005 on the topic of gardening, currently for the award-winning GardenRant – and writing for national magazines.  After 26 years in Takoma Park, where she wrote for the Takoma Voice, Susan moved to Old Greenbelt in late 2011 and started this blog. She also created the Greenbelt Maryland Youtube Channel and does online promotion for several Greenbelt organizations. In 2014 she launched DC Gardens, a nonprofit campaign to promote public gardens and gardening in the  Washington, D.C. area, and in 2016, Good Gardening Videos, a nonprofit, ad-free website that curates gardening videos for accuracy and watchability.


- “Li’l” Dan Celdran has been working in the fitness industry for over 17 years. She holds a B.S. in Kinesiology from the the University of MD and is certified by the  American College of Sports Medicine as a  Health Fitness Specialist.  She  currently works as a fitness (personal trainer) at GAFC.


Jeff Lemieux 300dpi (1)- Jeff Lemieux has been a Greenbelt resident for 26 years or so, living in GHI and Old Greenbelt.  He’s a bike commuter to DC, and his first foray into community activism (after avoiding it for years!) has been as a member of Greenbelt’s Advisory Planning Board.  Jeff’s wife Laurie owns a bike shop in College Park, and they often lead weekend bike rides toward Beltsville and Bowie or Hyattsville and DC.


Kim Rush-Lynch is a health coach, nutritional consultant, PLAYcoach and the owner of Cultivating Health, a business that’s been providing coaching, education and support for individuals and organizations to learn and practice healthy eating, playing and loving life since 2007. Her fun, interactive and supportive approach helps clients find joy and healing through playful eating practices, play and other forms of self-nourishment. In 2011, Kim teamed up with Chelsea Calhoun, a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, and created a program called Play. Love. Achieve Youthfulness (PLAY). PLAY shows clients how to use food and movement to create vibrant health and fun in their busy lives.  Kim’s a resident of Old Greenbelt.

- Chelsea L. Calhoun is a fitness professional certified by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and the National Academy of Sports and Medicine. She is also the owner of Groove Dance Fitness and creator of the Ultimate Groove Workout, a class that incorporates various dance styles with traditional cardiovascular and strength training exercises. Since January 2010, she has taught Ultimate Groove Workout at the Greenbelt Community Center. In 2011, she became a PLAYcoach when she teamed up with Kim Rush Lynch, owner of Cultivating Health, and created the program Play. Love. Achieve Youthfulness. (PLAY), which encourages you to have fun with food and movement. Chelsea is a native of Wheaton, MD, and have lived in Greenbelt since 2002.

- Kristin Fletcher, a Greenbelt Homes communications committee volunteer, managed to build a 20 year career around writing about, promoting and generally supporting the work of nonprofits for some of the many causes she is passionate about, including the arts, education, alternative and women’s health, special needs, cooperative living, and the environment, most recently renewable energy.  She has been active on the GHI Communications Committee since 2007, spearheading a newsletter that goes out to 1600 homes and helping develop new ways to get the word out through GHI’s monthly page in the Greenbelt News Review, eNews and Facebook page. Although she was born in the far north of Alaska, having grown up in the Free State she considers herself a Marylander and has lived in Old Greenbelt since 1998.